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Car monitoring project

Date: 2017-04-21
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Video analysis function in the car mobile monitoring system plays a "police" role, when the front-end monitoring equipment to capture video information to the back-end to send information before the intelligent analysis of image information will be analyzed and processed, filter useless video information, only to The back-end monitoring center transmits useful information that greatly reduces the occupancy of network bandwidth and storage space, while also improving the efficiency and accuracy of the staff in handling security incidents.

Project Background and Application Analysis

At present, China's high-speed passenger railway technical level, operating speed and scale have been living in the global advanced level. Rail transit due to fast, safe, convenient travel and other characteristics, become the main choice of people travel. However, as people use high-speed passenger transport frequency increases, and rail transit-related platform management, vehicle management and passenger management and other related needs become increasingly prominent. In addition, from the perspective of public safety, rail transit due to crowded, influential and wide radiation, easy to become the main target of terrorist attacks, in the event of danger, likely to cause heavy casualties and traffic disruption, causing social panic. Therefore, it is very important to construct the on-board video monitoring system which is suitable for the rail transit. The system can play a role in deterrence, early warning, forensics and command and rescue, and explore the long-term working mechanism of " And criminal cases, the establishment of the rail transit system may occur in the major contingency plans, so that strict precautions. Therefore, the rail transit monitoring system should include rail transit platform monitoring, rail transit car monitoring and superior scheduling command system and other important parts, to achieve the entire rail transit facilities, integrated video surveillance and unified management.

At present, the domestic car video surveillance system in the bus, subway in some applications, these monitoring systems mainly to simulate the camera with the car DVR way to achieve storage video recording as the main function, mainly to solve some of the accident disputes to provide video evidence, Currently on the railway transport has not yet applied.

Construction needs

The rail transit video monitoring system is divided into two functional systems, namely, rail transit station monitoring and rail transit car monitoring. The monitoring center of each station is equipped with a local monitoring network system, which is responsible for the video access and management of the station. At the same time, through the redundant design of the optical backbone network to achieve the station to the main control center connection, unified monitoring center for unified management and access ; The main control center, public security, scheduling and other departments through a dedicated network to achieve video remote access and data transmission.

In the monitoring network, each area has the authority of the local users, only the corresponding access to the network can access and use the system within the scope of the video data and business data, but also real-time browsing the corresponding monitoring screen or playback video files.

For the remote users (for example: travel in the field of leadership) can be reserved through the Internet to access and use the system interface, so that the real leadership of remote office, very easy to lead the handling of emergencies, the system structure shown in Figure 1 The

Car monitoring In addition to the general high-definition, intelligent and network needs, the vehicle monitoring for shock, moisture, temperature changes in the harsh conditions of the work capacity and requirements and general monitoring equipment is different.

The rail transit vehicle monitoring mainly selects the special vehicle fixed type camera to realize the monitoring of each section of the rail transit, and realizes the video recording through the special vehicle NVR (network video recorder), and realizes the remote video transmission through the wireless network. Due to the special nature of the car monitoring, car monitoring in considering the effect of monitoring video at the same time, need to focus on camera equipment, seismic, dust, anti-interference and other special environmental requirements.

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