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Notice of the work of China Security Association in 2015

Date: 2017-04-21
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In 2015, China Security Association will continue to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the CPC and the Third Plenary Session of the Eighth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and strive to explore the work of the Association under the new situation around the purpose of "providing services, reflecting demands and regulating behavior" Characteristics and laws, adhere to emancipate the mind, reform and innovation, standardize management, improve services, give full play to the role of the bridge link to promote the healthy development of security services.


First, to carry out security services company rating assessment pilot work


In 2015, under the leadership of the Security Administration, the association will cooperate with the Pilot Project of rating the security services company. One is to guide the pilot provinces and cities to assess the implementation of the preparatory work; second is to complete the organization, network structures, assessment staff training; third is to sum up the pilot work experience, supplement the revised "security services company rating method" , "Security services company rating criteria", improve the preparation of supporting system documents, to promote security services company level management. In addition, the Association will cooperate with the Security Administration to do a good job of security professional skills identification related preparatory work.


Second, the organization to participate in the "second cross-strait security (security) industry seminar"


In April 2015, the "Second Cross-Strait Security (Security) Seminar" will be held in Taipei, Taiwan (hosted by the Taiwan China Conservation Association). Association in the broaden horizons, strengthen exchanges, promote cooperation and enhance the spirit of friendship, and actively strengthen communication with the Taiwan China Conservation Association, do a good job in the selection of papers and participants, exit procedures and other organizational work, and strive to this The seminar will be held to showcase the development achievements of the mainland security industry and promote cross-strait security research and industry exchanges and cooperation.


Third, the "2015 China International Security Equipment Technology Products Expo and security equipment technology forum"


With the approval of the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Association will hold the "2015 China International Security Equipment Technology Fair and Security Equipment Technology Forum" (hereinafter referred to as "Modern Security and Technology Leadership") in Beijing from October 19 to 21, 2015 Referred to as the Expo), and held the same period, "armed guard escort, overseas security services, explosion-proof safety inspection, alarm operation services," four technical forums. The Association will carefully plan, carefully prepared to play the government departments, research institutions and well-known enterprises and other aspects of the role of publicity to launch security practitioners, practitioners and industry users exhibition exhibition, run a technical forum, and strive to this security equipment Expo will be done with a certain influence of the professional brand Expo.


Fourth, strengthen the security industry education and training and theoretical research work


The association will further emancipate the mind, take the initiative to adapt to the new changes in the reform and opening up of the security services market and the new needs of talent, research and explore the establishment of senior management of security services management training model; continue to finance tax, overseas security training courses, Relevant business training; with the security supervision departments, organizations, academics and industry experts to prepare, modify and improve the security workers vocational education and professional training materials, to further standardize the security education and training to improve the quality of education and training. Strengthen the research of security theory, joint well-known institutions, scientific research institutions to develop security theory research project planning, strengthen the security theory and industry development of major issues of research and discussion, do a good job of industry policy support, industry development strategic planning, industry economic growth mode change , Security companies to overseas and other hot and difficult issues of research work; continue to give full play to the role of expert committees and professional committees, through the paper appraisal, the results show and other methods to promote the development of security theory research and development.


Fifth, to further improve the security equipment management


Under the guidance of the security supervision department, the association in conjunction with the local security associations continue to carry out security clothing market inspection and rectification, strengthen the security clothing market research, according to the law to deal with all kinds of illegal acts; to complete the security clothing and service signs management approach to enhance the security clothing market Management level; research and design of security guards dress, security guards security inspection clothing, to promote the security team professional and standardized construction; organization held a biennial national security guard clothing work conference. With the Security Administration to develop security standards, standardize and strengthen the security equipment management.


Sixth, comprehensively promote the work of three professional committees


And actively adapt to China's security services industry specialization, intensive development of the new situation, research norms of human defense, armed escort escort, security technology to prevent the construction and management of three professional committees. And actively explore the establishment of the "Association of guidance, business operation, self-management," the professional committee of the operating mechanism, the development of "China Security Association Professional Committee management approach" to guide the preparatory group to develop "the professional committee rules" and the annual work plan, according to The relevant procedures for the selection of members of the unit and the development of member units. In the first half of 2015, the professional committees were organized and relevant work was held.


Seven, increase the security industry propaganda work


We will strengthen the communication and cooperation with the mainstream media and enhance the social influence of the propaganda work. We will draft the "30-year Report on the Development of China's Security Service Industry" and strengthen the "China Security" magazine, with the important activities of the industry, major events and hotspots as the breakthrough point. , China Security Network and China Security official microblogging construction, in the column set, topic planning, performance and other aspects of continuous reform and innovation, nurturing and creating three publicity platform of professional and authoritative; strengthen and around the Security Association website, And other publicity platform for communication, the formation of linkage mechanism from top to bottom, together to promote security propaganda work to a new level. With the Public Security Bureau to actively prepare by the Ministry of Public Security, the National Federation of Trade Unions, the Communist Youth League Central jointly launched the "2016 Fourth National Security Award recognition activities."


8. To promote foreign exchange and cooperation in the security industry


Take the initiative to adapt to China's security services industry opening up the situation, through exchange visits, held forums, project negotiations, overseas training and other forms, to consolidate and expand the international security industry associations and enterprises exchanges and cooperation; further strengthen the cross-strait security (security) industry theory And pragmatic cooperation, and expand the neighboring countries and regions, the security industry, technical exchanges and cooperation projects to expand the influence of China's security brand enterprises; strengthen the association with the relevant domestic trade associations, integrated enterprise quality resources, enhance the comprehensive

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